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The Venezuelan professional footballers' association AUFPV seeks support of the Ministry of Sport, the Labour Ministry and Ordinary State Court to solve the current problems of many footballers, whose complaints are not treated appropriately by the country's National Dispute Resolution Chamber (NDRC).

There are two significant deficiencies to the Venzuelan NDRC. First, it is not compliant with the FIFA regulations. Second, the NDRC decisions are not respected and enforced which leads to distressing problems. Some players are waiting more than two years for their wages.

AUFPV Secretary General, Timshel Tabarez, explains the situation: "The NDRC in Venezuela consists simply of a President, Dr. Rodrigo Rivera, who only comes to the Football Federation very sporadically. The NDRC President was elected in elections of the Venezuelan Football Federation for the period 2013-2017. In those elections football players just had only one vote of 65 votes. Currently, the President has not attended for five months. This causes difficulty with decisions, the swiftness of cases and respect for due process and its terms."

The Venezuelan Federation and the National Dispute Resolution Chamber are not taking action in order not to affect the clubs adversely. Therefore the Venezuelan footballers' association has lodged the corresponding complaints so that they are passed to the Council of Honour and in this way sanctions will be imposed on the Club.

Tabarez continues: "In general, cases in which a NDRC decision is not complied with are passed to the Council of Honour (similar to a Disciplinary Committee) so that it imposes sanctions. Our objective this year, given the lack of response by the NDRC, is to lodge the demands directly with the Ordinary Courts of the State of Venezuela, so that the clubs have an obligation to comply with what is stipulated regarding the job entitlements of a worker (football player)."

The footballers association is particularly concerned with the affairs of 19 players of five different clubs. In the majority of cases the demand is for non-payment of wages. The NDRC has already decided in favor of the player, but the decision is not being executed.

Moreover, one player had to pay his own knee operation, because the club did not pay. Another player received an uncovered cheque. The most worrying cases are those of Club Estudiantes de Mérida, which are in arrears for up to 2 years.

The next actions by AUFPV will be to lodge the corresponding complaints with the State bodies (Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Labour, Social Security, and all the bodies responsible for the job security of workers) for non-compliance by Venezuelan clubs with everything stipulated in law.