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The professional footballers association of Uruguay (MUFP) has published a list of all outstanding debts that football clubs have with their players from 15 December 2010 until 30 July 2012. Twenty clubs in the Primera and Segunda División still owe a total amount of USD 1.438.117.


Four clubs have a total debt of unpaid salaries that is bigger than USD 200,000:
Peñarol = USD 328.548
Nacional = USD 266.340
Bella Vista = USD 264.821
El Tanque Sisley = USD 214.956


With the rules in hand, the MUFP demands sanctions for the clubs that refuse or are unable to pay the players their unpaid salaries. Clubs risk to be banned from playing official football matches and could also face be forbidden to sign new players to a contract.


Article 26. Clubs shall not be able to begin any official tournament, phase, round or the like while still in debt to football players whose complaints have resulted in decisions favourable to them, or while not up to date with payment agreements made with football players.


If an institution ceases to participate in official tournaments or their respective phases for the reasons expressed in the foregoing subsection, the A.U.F. shall allocate the income that would have been due to that institution for any reason from the most recent tournament(s) competitions or phase(s) in which it participated, to settling the institution’s existing debts to football players.


The Club shall not be able to return to compete officially in any championship organized by the AUF (amateur or professional) until it has totally settled its debts to football players and made its respective legal contributions to the social security authority (Banco de Previsión Social) . If the AUF fails to comply with the provisions of subsection 2 of this article, the AUF shall be jointly and severally responsible for payment of the sums owed.


Players for the clubs that are subject to the conditions established in the present article shall automatically be given free status and shall be able to sign up with any other institution, local or foreign, in which case they shall cease to receive what would have been due to them until the termination of their contract. In the contrary event, they must receive what was agreed to until the termination of the contract.


Article 27. Clubs shall not be able to accept transfers while they are still in debt to football players whose complaints have resulted in enforceable decisions favourable to them, unless a payment agreement exists between the parties and is being complied with.