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The Peruvian players’ union SAFAP and the professional football clubs have come to an agreement, in order to help clubs solve their outstanding debts to professional players and qualify them for the upcoming championship. 


By means of agreements signed in the offices of SAFAP, and with a guarantee from the professional football league ADFP, the professional clubs could solve the unresolved debts they have maintained with professional players since 2009. With these agreements the clubs have qualified themselves for the start of the 2010 Campeonato Descentralizado.


A total of 134 players had gathered at the SAFAP offices to ask eleven professional clubs to recognize their debts, worth approximately one million US dollars. As stipulated in the basic championship regulations, the period allowed by the ADFP for the debtor clubs to meet their unresolved obligations expired on Thursday 11 February, two days before the start of the competition.


But according to the signed agreements, the latest date on which the various clubs are to comply with their undertakings must be no later than 30 March this year, so that professional footballers have the assurance that they will be able to collect one hundred percent of what they are owed from the previous season.


In the event that a professional club does not comply by making the payments on the expiry date established in the convention, it will provide grounds for disqualification and will have to be suspended from participation in official competitions until it regularizes its situation.