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FIFPro is opposed all unilateral options in football contracts. The World Players’ Union points to the fact that the existing FIFA regulations offer adequate possibilities for establishing a contract between a club and a player.


A unilateral option is a clause in a player’s contract which gives the club the right to extend the contract once it has expired without the player having any say in the matter.


In some countries unilateral options are explicitly forbidden. In several others they are conditionally permitted and criteria such as a minimum salary increase are stipulated. These criteria distort reality: for example, a young player who receives a 30% salary increase generally still earns very little because he previously had an extremely low basic salary. This new income is not a clear reflection of what the player can earn in reality.

FIFPro cannot support unilateral options because:

  • unilateral options are in conflict with European law because they go against the principle of free movement. When a contract has expired a player must be free to sign with a club of his choice. 
  • a contract must have a clear start date and termination date . That is not the case with unilateral options since the termination date is not fixed.
  • both the FIFA DRC and the CAS have ruled on multiple occasions that unilateral options are not permitted. 


FIFPro included the exclusion of unilateral options in the agreement on Minimum Requirements for Players’Contracts signed with UEFA and EPFL.