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Working as a trade unionist is never an easy job, but the circumstances facing the representatives of the All-Ukrainian Association of Professional Football Players are unprecedented, as its headquarters was destroyed in the early hours of Wednesday 19 February.

"Our office is burned out, but that is not our biggest concern", says Oleksandr Ilchuk, Expert International and Legal Activities and the contact person of the players' union. "In the streets people are dying. That is horrible..."

Ukraine – or more specifically its capital Kiev - is in the midst of a deep political crisis, which sees police and demonstrators fighting for their lives in the streets. Officially 26 people died during this week's riots. What will happen tomorrow is unknown...

The union office was based in the building of the Ukrainian opposition, near Independent Square. According to reports the headquarters was burned by the police.

All representatives of the Ukrainian players union are unharmed and safe, but nothing's left of their office. Currently they have moved into the building of the national football association and try to do their job as best as they can.

FIFPro's thoughts are with our colleagues in Ukraine.


People (FIFPro members) who want to contact the All-Ukrainian Association of Professional Football Players are advised to contact Oleksandr Ilchuk, either by mobile phone or by e-mail.

Oleksandr Ilchuk
Phone: +380 99 2969693