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The Montenegrin professional footballers association TUPFPM has informed FIFPro about a new case of training alone in Montenegro. FC Mogren Budva had ordered players to train at noon in order to encourage these players to terminate their contracts with the club.


Veselin Bojic (36) and Bracan Popovic (31) were both informed after last season, that FC Mogren did not include them in the future plans of the Montenegrin premier league club. FC Mogren wanted the players to terminate their contracts, but Bojic and Popovic refused. They both have a signed contract until the summer of 2014 and they both have not received all their wages from the 2012-2013 season; five monthly wages for each player. 


Popovic had a possibility to sign with two other clubs, but FC Mogren refused to co-operate, even though the club wanted to get rid of the player.


The FC Mogren management decided to put Bojic and Popovic under great pressure. They were ordered to train at noon every day, while trainer Ranko Zirojevic organized very heavy training sessions ‘to improve the condition of the players’. In July at noon, the temperature in Budva can run up to 40 degrees Celsius in the sun. Still, Bojic and Popovic were prohibited from wearing caps and drinking water during the training sessions.


Bojic and Popovic decided to attend the training sessions, in order not to give the club any reason to sanction them for indiscipline.


Last Saturday July 20th, the fourth day of training alone, Popovic collapsed and lost consciousness, caused by the extreme efforts during the training sessions. He was taken to hospital and was diagnosed hypertension (high blood pressure) and a high sugar level. The doctors are still monitoring his condition and do not allow him to train.


Bojic, Popovic and the Montenegrin players union TUPFPM will take their case to the national dispute resolution chamber of the Montenegrin FA. ‘This is unacceptable’, said union President Zeljko Janovic,.’This is a violation of players’ rights and an example of training alone. We will collect all facts and do everything to protect the players. We would advice them to refuse to practice in such conditions.’ 


Meanwhile, FC Mogren has rescheduled the training sessions from noon to 8 AM.