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This upcoming weekend the football agenda is dominated by international matches. In Africa, countries are competing for a place at next year's Cup of Nations, in Europe, countries are preparing for EURO 2016, and Asian and American countries are preparing for their showcase events, the 2015 Asia Cup and the 2015 Copa América.

In professional football, the agenda is packed. Its only three months since Germany lifted the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Not long after, the national leagues started or re-started.

FIFPro noticed that a great number of the 736 footballers who participated in this year's World Cup have had very short breaks between that event and the first training day at their club. Some of these players did not even enjoy a two-week break after their long season, which raised concerns within FIFPro.

As each worker is entitled to have a paid leave/vacation to both recover and relax, FIFPro wants to remind each and every one that also professional footballers are entitled to a well-deserved break for both physical and psychological reasons. This will not only benefit the player and his future performance, but will also benefit the level of play of all competitions.

With this in mind, FIFPro's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Vincent Gouttebarge, strived to gather evidence about the optimal "detraining period" between two football seasons.

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