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In collaboration with FIFPro, the Moroccan professional footballers' union (AMF) is campaigning against all forms of racism in the football world.


Players of colour are being subjected to defamatory acts, such as throwing bananas, using offensive language and making monkey chants. It's the same thing for Arab footballers, who aren't spared these gratuitous and humiliating attacks and these intolerable comments.


Mustapha El Hadaoui, president of the Moroccan players association, explains: 'The AMF has launched this campaign to raise awareness, and to ban these offensive and criminal acts, which are punishable by law, in order to protect all players, whether or not Moroccan. To protect all those who ply their trade as footballers in Morocco.'


'This campaign has been necessary and vital for ensuring that Moroccan football, and its stadiums, remain synonymous with entertainment, pleasure, and mutual respect.'


Wydad AC is one of the clubs that have supported the campaign without hesitation. Currently lying third in the Moroccan Premier League, the club has joined in this action with conviction, everyone showing the greatest determination to struggle against and denounce such unacceptable behaviour.


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