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Some 300 Argentine footballers voted to call off a planned strike over unpaid wages in the second division after the national federation guaranteed players would be paid in full.

First-division players including Carlos Tevez said they had wanted to show solidarity with the league known as El Ascenso by threatening to strike.

The Boca Juniors striker (pictured left) spoke to reporters after players voted in Buenos Aires on August 24th.

“It’s important that we are here” to show solidarity, Tevez said. “The young players should get what they are promised.”


Tevez’s younger brother Miguel plays for second-tier Barracas Central.

The players'negotiations with the Argentine football federation (AFA) were led by player union general secretary Sergio Marchi, who secured a guarantee that all players would be paid in full by the end of September.

Marchi said he was happy with the deal which followed days of negotiations.

“How can we not be happy with this when we can guarantee the salaries of 2,000 workers?” Marchi said. “That’s something that’s difficult to achieve in any part of the world.”

Footballers in many countries regularly go unpaid because of unscrupulous club management, according to research by FIFPro.

The research spanning 50 countries will be published later this year. 

Picture below: 300 players vote in Buenos Aires. Right, Carlos Tevez with a sign saying "Don't Kill the Second Division."