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Next week, FIFPro will be welcoming its members to Tel Aviv, Israel, for the annual general meeting.


From Tuesday 1 to Thursday 3 November, around 140 representatives of 54 trade unions for professional football players will attend the congress, that will be hosted by FIFPro and the professional footballers association of Israel, IFPA.


The agenda for this three-day meeting is well filled with subjects to do with the game on the field, but also with matters off the pitch. Professional football cannot avoid the problems that are being faced worldwide as a consequence of the economic crisis.


That not only results in an increase in the number of players who are not receiving their money, but also in the less respectful way in which clubs treat their professional players. Reason enough for FIFPro to place this subject high on the agenda of the general assembly.


Another problem that will receive a lot of attention is match fixing. For this, FIFPro has invited, among others, a criminal expert from Europol, the law enforcement agency of the European Union.


In addition, FIFPro will be entertaining several guests from FIFA, some of whom will be giving presentations about playing surfaces, transfer regulations, and the FIFA DRC.