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With honesty, selflessness and team spirit in mind, Joachim De Wachter and Alfred Omer each earned a FIFPro Fair Play Award at the Homeless World Cup.

Honesty inspired Joachim De Wachter. The Belgian player corrected the referee who had just awarded Belgium a goal kick. Joachim told the ref that the ball had come off him and that the opponents should have a corner kick instead. The referee returned the favour and nominated him for the FIFPro Fair Play award.

“I didn’t expect anything like this, I came here for fun and to enjoy myself, not to get a reward,” Joachim said after receiving the trophy out of the hands of Magdy Abdel Ghany, former Egyptian World Cup hero, President of his country’s players union, EPFA, and member of FIFPro’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee.

“My decision was normal for me. It is the right thing to be honest. I am very proud of this and I hope my team can learn from the experience. Hopefully they see it as a good example to follow.”

HWC Belgium 640

Alfred Omer was the last player to collect a Fair Play Award in Glasgow. “It is the highlight of the week for me, for sure”, the tall Australian said.

In their semifinal against the Netherlands, Australia had been awarded a last-minute penalty. Alfred is the number one option for his team, nonetheless he walked over to the substitutes and motioned to Shannon Knegt to take the kick. Shannon is the goalkeeper, who had missed most of the tournament due to an elbow injury sustained on the third day. Alfred wanted his teammate to feel more involved.

“I am so happy to get this award. I celebrate it with my brothers, we are one group.”

“It will make me so proud to take the award home and show it to all my friends and family.”

Shannon congratulated Alfred after he received the Fair Play Award from Cyrus Confectioner, General Manager of the Indian players union, FPAI and member of FIFPro’s Corporate Social Responsibility committee.

“Unfortunately I did miss the penalty,” Shannon confessed shrugging his shoulders, before giving Alfred a big hug.

HWC Australia 640 2

Alfred and Cyrus, in between them are Shannon and coach George