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The Swiss professional footballers association SAFP once again pleads for measures preventing the players from being the victims of clubs which are unable to pay their salaries.


Currently Swiss Challenge League club AC Bellinzona (second professional level) is in financial difficulties. The players of this club have not received their salaries for at least three months. 


‘It is a shame that our proposals have not been implemented’, says SAFP President Lucien Valloni. When Neuchatel Xamax was faced with financial difficulties in the 2011-2012 season, the SAFP already pleaded that the players wages need be secured and measures be taken to ensure that there are sufficient financial means available to complete the championship.


Valloni: 'Two measures are needed for this purpose: first, wages have to be secured with a bank guarantee, and then a fund must be contributed by the Swiss Football League (SFL) and the clubs so that other costs can be paid up to the end of the season.'


'The SFL did admittedly demand bank guarantees from AC Bellinzona to some extent--and exceptionally--while licensing them, but the way that players owed arrears of wages are to come by this money has not been settled.'


‘The current example shows, nevertheless, that such bank guarantees are absolutely necessary. A clear mechanism must now be introduced for all clubs in the Super League and the Challenge League.'


'At the start of each season, all clubs must secure the wages for the first team squad (including training staff) with a bank guarantee that is reduced each time wage payments are made.'


'After that, in the event of delay in payment, players must be able to claim against the bank guarantee in a simple, rapid procedure and a body with equal representation (players' representatives, club representatives and a neutral chairman) should be appointed within the league and should make the decisions about disbursing money from the bank guarantee within 20 days. Things must go swiftly, so that players can meet their own payment obligations in a timely way. Players having to perform their work for three long months without the payment of wages, as in Bellinzona, must be prevented in future.'


'That is unprofessional and unacceptable, and it leads to degrading situations and personal tragedies.'


'AC Bellinzona has made wage deductions from some players for home rentals, but has not then passed those home rentals on to the landlords. This is intolerable, and the consequence is that some players have been given notice to quit their homes. These are situations that cannot be accepted, not in Switzerland anyway, and they must no longer happen.'