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Sweden’s Jannike Lindahl was presented with the first of eight daily FIFPro Fair Play Awards of the 2015 Homeless World Cup. The award, which is given for exceptional sportsmanship, was presented on pitch one by FIFPro representative Fernando Revilla to huge cheers in Amsterdam’s Museum Square.

During each game at Homeless World Cup referees will decide on one stand-out player to receive the FIFPro Fair Play award every day during the tournament. The winners will become a member of the Fair Play World 8, who will be honoured on the final day.

On Saturday 12 September, Jannike, a player from Gothenburg, was chosen because of her impeccable behaviour during Sweden’s opening match against Belgium. The striker had collided with her opponent but, instead of taking the chance to go one-on-one with the keeper, a concerned Jannike stopped play to help the Belgian player to her feet.

Jannike said she was overwhelmed to receive the award, if a little surprised.

“I was very nervous, but this feels good,” she said. “I didn’t think I was going to get this because I play a bit rough, so it was a bit of a surprise. I was afraid that she hit her head against the barrier so I thought, ‘Oh no, I need to help her up’ because it’s still a friendly match, you know.”

As it happened, Sweden won the game 3-2. Striker Jannike has only played for her team Gatens Lag for two months. Like many street football players in the tournament, she has overcome homelessness and drug addiction to represent her home country on an international stage.

She says representing her country in Amsterdam is an incredible experience and that her teammates have been a huge support to her, both in The Netherlands and back home.

“We are more than a team, we have become good friends and support each other. I’m in a good place. The atmosphere here is better than what I ever expected. We were very nervous, but it’s really fun. Everyone is very friendly and happy.”

To illustrate the importance of solidarity during this event, FIFPro and the Homeless World Cup celebrate the both the winners and their teammates, who will all receive special gifts, as did Jannika and her teammates.