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FIFPro Division Americas has decided to express its special support to the associations of three countries: Colombia, the United States of America and Paraguay. FIFPro Division Americas announced its help during its general assembly in Costa Rica, on August 3 and 4.


The Colombian professional footballers’ association ACOLFUTPRO will get help from FIFPro Division Americas to complete the establishment of a national dispute resolution chamber (NDRC) and to finalize the introduction of minimum requirements. FIFPro wants the talks, which have been going on for years, to be completed shortly.


FIFPro Division Americas has called it unacceptable that footballers in the United States still have to sign a contract with the league (Major League Soccer) and cannot sign a contract with a club. Also, contracts are not guaranteed, which is a risk for players, especially foreign players, like many South American footballers who have joined the MLS.


FIFPro Division Americas is surprised that FIFA still accepts this situation. The congress of the Division Americas has urged FIFPro to make an end to this exceptional position of the United States.


All South American associations of the Division Americas have decided that, in talks with players who are interested in moving to the USA, they will stress the disadvantages and the risks of signing a unguaranteed contract with the MLS.


Rogelio Wilfrido Delgado Casco, the president of the professional footballers’ association in Paraguay (FAP), has once again complained about the appalling situation of the players in his country. In this South American country a footballer is still not a free agent when his contract has ended. Delgado requested FIFPro to end this situation. Division Americas has decided to pay a new visit to Paraguay, in an effort to convince the country’s football association to comply with the rules, and that players must be free once their contract has expired.