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The Structured Dialogue is an opportunity, said Prof. Dr. Michele Colucci during the European Professional Sportspeoples Forum. ‘It is an opportunity for you to be there, to speak your voice and to be heard.’


Colucci held an engaged presentation about structured dialogue. ‘The social dialogue in football is between clubs and players. They have to conclude an agreement’, the Italian professor began his explanation. ‘ In the structured dialogue, each party (could be the trade unions, the league or the federation) will dialogue, will talk directly to the EU institutions.’


‘Structured dialogue is the opportunity which is going to be given to the sports stakeholders to exchange their views with all EU institutions (Council, Parliament and Commission), and to tell them about the interest they carry on behalf of the organizations or the athletes. It is going to be a unique opportunity for them to develop a new dimension in sport together with the institutions.’


Colucci advised the union representatives present at the forum, to make use of the structured dialogue. ‘The EU institutions now have to develop a new European sports policy. They can properly do so only if they are aware of the interests of those sports stakeholders, so that they can implement the right measures which benefit to those interests.’


Colucci, as well as the European Professional Sportspeoples Forum, insists that the players have to be involved of the structured dialogue. In the joint statement they presented Monday 31 January they say: ‘As social partners representing the essential stakeholder, European sportspeople, we assert that these views must be part of any structured dialogue that takes place in the context of the development of sport policy and a European Sport Programme. Neither the International Olympic Movement nor international federations have a mandate to speak on behalf of players, athletes and sportspeople.’