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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of FIFPro and the 20th anniversary of the Bosman ruling, FIFPro is organising a special legal conference called Legal Legends in Sport and the Future of Sports Law.

During this unique event FIFPro pays tribute to all former and current athletes who took legal action to fight the powers in sports, for their own benefit, and for the benefit of others, often putting their own careers at risk.

On 14 and 15 December 2015, FIFPro will welcome nine Legal Legends, as we call them, including former professional football players George Eastham, Jean-Marc Bosman, Olivier Bernard, Igor Strelkov and Zahir Belounis, speed skaters Claudia Pechstein and Mark Tuitert, former basketball player Jyri Lehtonen and cyclist/pacer Bruno Walrave.

On the 15th FIFPro will celebrate its 50th birthday. That day also marks the 20th anniversary of the Bosman ruling, delivered by the European Court of Justice, which stated that Bosman was free to join any other club on a free transfer after his contract with his previous club had expired. The ruling was not restricted to football players, but was beneficial to all athletes.

To illustrate the importance of Bosman’s case and those of all Legal Legends, and to discuss the current legal status of professional athletes, FIFPro has invited numerous highly-respected legal experts. The guest speakers include Jack Anderson, Juan de Dios Crespo, Nick De Marco, David Feher, Marco van der Harst, Jady Hassim, Marko Ilesic, Stefan Kesenne, Elvis Majani, Gianpaolo Monteneri, Richard Parrish, Sylvia Schenk and Stefan Van den Bogaert, as well as FIFPro’s Brendan Schwab, Jonas-Baer Hoffmann and Carlos Gonzalez Puche.

Target Audience

The FIFPro Legal Conference is normally designed for FIFPro members. However, in the special occasion of the celebration of FIFPro’s 50th Anniversary, we have opened spaces for lawyers, legal counsels and policy-makers in sports, who wish to be a part of this special event.

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