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The Spanish players’ association AFE is going to install defibrillators in each stadium of the Segunda Division B, the Spanish third division. And the national team will help the union supplying other clubs with the same equipment.


AFE announced this last Monday during its first meeting with new board members Iker Casillas and David Villa, both member of the Spanish national squad that conquered the FIFA World Cup last summer in South Africa.


The national team will donate money they will be receive from the upcoming friendly match on February 9, to help AFE with the acquisition of the defibrillators for the teams in the Tercera DIvisión. World Champions Spain still has to find an opponent for that match in February.


‘Iker and Villa have made it possible for us to have a new way to generate financing’, said AFE’s president Luis Rubiales. ‘And that is why we have put this idea forward to install defibrillators at all clubs in the Tercera Division.’