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The threat of a strike that was to paralyze Spanish professional football next weekend dissipated on Tuesday, as the players’ union (AFE) came to an agreement with the federation (FEF) and the government in order to solve the problems of footballers in the lower professional levels.


‘We have reached an agreement in record time’, said a deeply moved union president Luis Rubiales in the El País newspaper. In Marca he added that he appreciated the effort of all parties involved. The recently installed president confessed that he had had a meeting with players of Barcelona. ‘Their answer was the same as the answer of the players in the dressing room of Motril (a third division team). All the players are profoundly united.’


In two hours time, the players’ union, the league and the federation settled their differences in the office of the Secretary of Sports. They dedicated their time mainly to the prevailing insecurity of the players in the lower divisions;  just 15 percent of these players receive their moneys regularly.


‘The conflict has been solved and the strengthening of  Spanish football has been enhanced’, reacted Jaime Lissavetsky, the Secretary of Sports. ‘ The outcome laid the foundations for ensuring a future in which we continue to move forward.’


The FEF has committed to finance the 4,1 million euro for the 207 players of eight teams in the third division that still had not received their wages. In the coming weeks, Rubiales expects to reach new agreements with the FEF (responsible for the third and fourth division) and the Spanish League LFP (responsible for the first and second division).