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In Spain, the expedited contract termination procedure approved by AFE and LPF enters into force on 15 December.This is one of the agreements that were made between the AFE and the LFP on 25 August.


Footballers in the Primera and Segunda División A will be able to request this procedure if their club/public limited sports company (SAD) owes them: sums as a consequence of the non-payment of monthly instalments of their salary, in an amount equal to or greater than three instalments, regardless of whether or not they are consecutive, partial or total, and any signing-on fee in the current season, or postponed amounts corresponding to previous seasons, whenever the amount of indebtedness reaches or exceeds the equivalent of three monthly instalments of salary.


The expedited procedure may be requested at any time during the season, except in the last ten days of the National League Championship. Nor may it be requested during ‘play-offs’ by those football players whose Club/SADs are participating in them.


Premature extinction of contract by means of the expedited procedure may be granted to a maximum of twelve football players per team per season. If this number is exceeded, the applications presented will be processed giving preference to those presented earlier over those presented later, in order to limit this quota.


A football player who has presented an application for premature extinction of his contract for non-payment, as established by the present procedure, may abandon his application at any time before the Committee with equal representation has made its decision.


If a professional football player abandons the present expedited proceedings, all hearings shall be made ineffective, including any acknowledgement of debt in his favour by the Committee with equal representation.


A club may make the said procedure ineffective if it pays the football player the sums due before the LFP- AFE Committee with equal representation has made its decision. A club shall only be able to render an action inoperative once per player per season.