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The South African Professional Footballers Association SAFPU announced that the players of FC AK refuse to play Wednesday’s championship game. The players have not been paid for several months: ‘No pay, no play!’


On Tuesday January 19th, SAFPU issued the following statement: ‘The South African Football Players Union would like to make the FC AK management aware that the players are not going to honour tomorrow`s home game due to unpaid salaries.'


'We have noted with sadness that some players have gone without pay for five months and more. The players have had enough of being taken for a ride. The notorious FC AK management do not respect players and feel that they are doing players a favor by paying them. The truth of the matter is that players are paid for the services that they have rendered.’


FC AK - from Johannesburg - is a club from the South African National First Division. On Wednesday they are scheduled to play Witbank Spurs at Eldorado Park. But the players have decided to fight for what is rightfully theirs: their salaries.


‘The worst part is that the FC AK management tells the players that if the team gets expelled by the League then the players are going to lose’, the SAFPU statement continues.


‘These players have lost already as some have lost their cars and cannot pay the rent. They cannot even pay for their children`s school fees. It is common knowledge that the players have received eviction letters due to non payment of their rentals.’


‘Our members are not going to honour tomorrow`s game against Witbank Spurs until they get all the monies owed to them by the club. Players are being called on the side one by one by the management and promised heaven and earth whilst others are being victimized. Fortunately the players are united and are all saying that they are not going to play this time around.’


SAFPU emphasizes that it is not for the first time that FC AK refuse to respect the players’ contracts. ‘This will probably not be for the last time for as long as the League (PSL) is not willing to take serious steps against serial offenders such as FC AK.’


‘We are saying enough is enough. We are sending the message to all the other teams out there who are exploiting our members that the honeymoon is over. Players are humans. They have families to support like the team owners. No pay, no play!’


FIFPro fully suports the players from FC AK. Contracts must be respected, by both players and clubs.