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Professional footballers, represented by the Polish footballers union, national clubs and the Polish League, have successfully established a social dialogue. During a special meeting last week in Warsaw, all parties confirmed that they aim to meet the minimum requirements for standard players contracts.

Together with FIFPro, union in Poland (PZP) has talked with representatives of the clubs, the Polish League and UEFA in order to create a co-operation to improve the legal position of footballers. At this moment progress is made to comply with all minimum requirements, although neither the legal status of the professional footballer as a worker nor standard players contracts are yet established or implemented. To fully comply with the minimum requirements, employment contracts are required.

FIFPro is of the opinion that these outstanding issues are very important. Since footballers in Poland currently have a civil contract, they are very vulnerable and cannot rely on regular social security. Standardisation of contracts and a legal status as a worker give professional players a uniform level of protection and more legal security. Currently players don’t have this kind of security such as wages, sick pay, and pension.  

FIFPro’s Legal Department head Wil van Megen: “We have managed to co-operate with the most important stakeholders in Poland and the first improvements have been made. These are important first steps”.

“A solution can be found for almost all problems in the football industry in Poland within labour laws. We are striving for a better legal status for the professional football player, which includes standard player contracts”.

Minimum Requirements for Standard Players Contracts

In 2012, all important European football organisations (EPFL, UEFA, ECA and FIFPro) committed themselves to implementing the 'Autonomous Agreement on Minimum Requirements for Standard Players Contracts'. This requires the 54 UEFA countries, including all EU countries, to include minimum social standards in players contracts. A delegation of FIFPro, the national players unions and UEFA is visiting the national football associations to guarantee implementation. On Friday April 18th, consultation was held between FIFPro, the Polish footballers’ union, the league, EPFL, ECA and UEFA on the implementation of the minimum requirements for Standard Players Contracts.