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The Slovenian professional footballers association (SPINS) welcomes the establishment of an Independent Arbitration Committee in Slovenia.


‘This is the first truly independent and efficient arbitration committee in Eastern European football and sports in general’, says Dejan Stefanovic, president of SPINS. 'Amongst others, it can award compensations, has a quinck sanctioning system and can adjudicate in civil and labor cases.'


During its last meeting, the Slovenian football association (NZS) executive committee formalized the establishment of the independent arbitrage with immediate effect. In this arbitration committee clubs and players will have an equal number of representatives. It will be chaired by an arbitrator chosen by mutual consent of both parties.


The realization of the arbitration committee is a consequence of the Autonomous Agreement on Minimum Requirements for Standard Players Contracts that was signed by all EU social partners in the professional football sector on 19 April 2012. By signing that agreement, the NZS committed itself to implement the Minimum Requirements. One of the important parts of this agreement, is the establishment of an independent dispute resolution chamber to decide on disputes between players and clubs.


‘This independent arbitration is a significant step forward towards transparency and democratic relations between the football bodies in Slovenia, says Stefanovic. ‘But it should not be the last step. The next step for Slovenian football is the establishment of a guarantee fund, to help players in case of insolvency of clubs.’