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The professional footballers from Slovenia unanimously declared that they will not allow the Slovenian football association NZS to make use of their image rights until the FA agrees on a social dialogue as developed in other European countries.


The players decided on these measures during a recent general assembly of the Slovenian professional footballers union SPINS.


During this meeting union president Dejan Stefanovic, who was re-elected during the meeting, said: ‘All professional footballers agreed to end the commercial exploitation of every professional football player in Slovenia.’


More than eighty members playing in the First and Second Division of Slovenia were present at the general assembly. They decided that all professional footballers becoming a member of SPINS, automatically transfer their image rights to the Slovenian players’ union.


The players refuse to transfer their rights to the national football association NZS, because of the fact that the FA has hardly recognized any players’ rights, unlike almost all other FA’s in Europe. Until now the NZS refuses any and all dialogue with SPINS, the official representative of all professional footballers in Slovenia.


The worldwide players’ union FIFPro fully supports the Slovenian footballers.