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The Slovenian professional footballers’ association SPINS and players from the Slovenian first division support the campaign Choose pink future. Choose life. They do it by wearing pink shoelaces.


October was the international month of the fight against Breast Cancer, Pink October. SPINS actively supported this campaign, aimed to inform and raise public awareness to the most common form of women cancer.


Acting in the spirit of the slogan Choose pink future. Choose life, the players were wearing pink shoelaces as they played their league matches in the 15th round. Footballers in cities such as Koper, Ajdovscina Domzale, Celje Kranj, were warming up in the pink T-shirts with the Pink October slogan. These Slovenian players were probably the first footballers in the world playing matches with pink laces in their shoes.


According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, breast cancer is the most common and increasing cancer among the women’s population. Yearly around thousand women are diagnosed for breast cancer, which is also the leading cause of cancer deaths. Breast cancer is highly curable if detected early enough. Therefore, information and raising public awareness about the disease and its treatment is so important.


At all games, spectators were able to obtain more information on breast cancer at the information desks, where volunteers from the Association of Cancer Patients Coalition of Slovenia Pink campaign distributed leaflets and where the awareness about the disease was raised. The main goal of the project was to point out that cancer does not choose and that women (and men) with an active way of living, a healthy food and self-checking can make a big step towards prevention and a healthier life.


Alen Coralic footballer of Primorje Football Club said: ‘Footballers are pleased to support the Pink October campaign, as the dissemination of knowledge about cancer is crucial in the prevention of disease. If we were educated enough about cancer, we would have several options to avoid disease or face with it properly.’