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The Serbian professional footballers association SPF Nezavisnost distributed football equipment and balls to 22 professional football clubs that suffered from the devastating floods in May earlier this year.

FIFPro Division Europe financially supported the charity.

In May, due to heavy rainfall, huge floods affected approximately 1.6 million people in Serbia. Around 32,000 people were evacuated from their homes. There were 51 casualties.

After witnessing the damage done by nature, players association Nezavisnost and its members wanted to show their support to the many victims of the floods. "Initially we thought about supplying food and water, but we understood that there was no need for that."

"Then we agreed with FIFPro Division Europe's Secretary General Theo van Seggelen to support the victims with sporting equipment", said Nezavisnhost President Mirko Poledica.

"We decided to provide equipment mainly for children, because they are the future of football", Poledica explained.

Nezavisnost organised the distribution of the equipment together with the country's football federation, FSS, which created a list of clubs that had suffered most from the floods. The majority of the clubs are based in the vicinity of Belgrade, the nation's capital. Almost all are lower league clubs, except for FC Novi Pazar (premier league) and FK Jedinstvo Putevi (second league).

Poledica: "The worst floods were in the vicinity of Belgrade and Obrenovac. This small town 'produced' some of our current national team players, Nemanja Matic and Filip Djuricic." Matic is a Chelsea midfielder, while Djuricic plays in FSV Mainz's midfield. "Many of our best players grew up playing for these clubs."

At a press conference in Belgrade, Nezavisnost and the FSS officially delivered the equipment to representatives of all 22 clubs. At this event, Poledica symbolically gave jerseys and footballs to FS Belgrade Secretary General Jovan Surbatovic.



The following clubs received sporting equipment (club, city):

FK Radnički (Obrenovac) FK Mladi Borac (Županjac)
FK Budućnost (Zvečka) FK Velika Krsna
OFK Zabrežje (Zabrežje) FK Podunavac (Ritopek)
FK Belo Polje (Belo Polje) OFK Mladenovac
OFK Rvati (Rvati) FK Boleč (Boleč)
FK Poljane (Poljane) OFK Mladost (Begaljica)
FK Crvena Zastava (Obrenovac) FK Hajduk (Kamendol)
FK Baljevac (Baljevac) FK Borac (Ostružnica)
FK Duboko (Duboko) FK Resnik (Resnik)
FK Proleter (Jasenak) FK Minel (Ripanj)
FK Borac (Ušće) FK Milenijum