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The Romanian professional footballers association AFAN has taken the next step in the 'Don’t Fix It' project. On 2 and 9 September, AFAN organised two seminars to establish a Joint Committee against match-fixing and to inform the players.


On September 2nd, AFAN welcomed the participants at the headquarters of the Romanian football federation. Fifty persons attended, among them representatives from the Ministry of Youth and Sport, FA President Mircea Sandu, officials from the clubs in the country’s three national divisions, representatives from the professional football league, police experts, lawyers, coaches, referees, law professors, journalists and representatives of bookmaking/gambling organisations.


One week later, AFAN welcomed 85 persons to the second seminar; most of the participants were professional football players.


‘Our national joint Committee will be established at the end of this month, the first meeting is scheduled for October 10th, said AFAN President Emilian Hulubei. ‘It was decided that the Joint Committee will consist of 10 members representing the following organisations: Ministry of Youth and Sports, FA, Football League, AFAN, police, coaches, referees, media and bookmakers office.’


The Romanian players union is one of nine participating players associations in the 'Don’t Fix It’ project. This project - an initiative by FIFPro and UEFA which is co-founded by the European Commission - is aimed at improving education and awareness throughout European football on the issue of match fixing, and therefore ensuring that the integrity of football is maintained.


An important step in this Don’t Fix It project are the national conferences, organised by the nine players unions. The most important goals of such conferences are to increase the knowledge of the participating audience and the establishment of a National Joint Committee. 


Photo: FIFA referee Alexandru Tudor speaks