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A serious brain injury at the AFC Asian Cup - last Friday - emphasizes why FIFPro is educating professional footballers about concussion.

During the quarter final between Australia and the United Arab Emirates, Fares Juma Al Saadi clashed heads with an opponent. The UAE captain showed many symptoms of a concussion including a lack of effort to break his fall, an unusual position of the arms and an apparent loss of consciousness.

However, he was still allowed back on the pitch. There he stumbled a few times before teammates got him removed from play.

A concussion is a serious brain injury, which should be managed accordingly to prevent long term health effects like depression, fatigue or headaches.   

FIFPro, together with concussion experts, has developed a key advice on how to act when dealing with a suspected concussion:

  • Recognise a concussion in a teammate or opponent;
  • Report the concussion to the coaching and medical staff;
  • Remove the concussed player from the field immediately.

Goalkeeper Petr Cech and Alvaro Pereira support the campaign by appearing in an educational video.

To improve the understanding of concussion FIFPro also produced a list of frequently asked questions. Click here to read the FAQ’s.