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Celebrating both its 50th aniversary and the 20th anniversary of the Bosman ruling, FIFPro held a two-day legal conference on December 14 and 15 with the title "Legal Legends in Sport and The Future of Sport Law”.

During the conference so-called Legal Legends (professional athlees who went to court to fight for their rights) and legal experts discussed the current legal status of professional athletes.

Below the links to most of the conference's presentations.

David Feher-Player Associations Tools for Negotiations

Wil van Megen-Historic overview
Carlos Gonzalez Puche-Transfer Rules in America after Bosman

Jonas Baer-Hoffmann-FIFPro Challenge to the transfer system
Stefan Kesenne-Football without a Transfer System

Elvis Majani-Breaches of contracts in African football
Gianpaolo Monteneri-Founding and Landmark Cases in the FIFA DRC

Marco van der Harst-EU Law and CAS
Stephane Van den Bogaert-Mobility Sportsmen in the EU

Nick De Marco-Impact new FIFA regulations on intermediaries
Jack Anderson-Match-Fixing in Football

Sylvia Schenk-Governance concerns
Anna Rissell-The role of Clubs 
Brendan Schwab-The Role of Athletes (slides) 
Brendan Schwab-The Role of Athletes (full script)

The program of Legal Legends in Sport and the Future of Sport Law