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A relief for professional footballers in Denmark. The lockout that Danish footballers faced, has been postponed after the industrial arbitration decided that the Danish League, Divisionsforeningen, did not send its lockout notice in time.

The Danish League has tried to force a lockout through as soon as 1 July. Furthermore it has proposed a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) which would seriously diminish the rights and the minimum requirements of the players.

Spillerforeningen, the Danish Professional Football Players' Association, is delighted about the decision as it gives the parties more time to reach an agreement on a new CBA.

Former AS Monaco midfielder, Jakob Poulsen, who is part of the players' negotiations team and currently plays for Danish side FC Midtjylland, comments: "We are happy that the industrial arbitration has decided in our favour and that we have now got more time to come to an agreement. We look forward to the continued work ahead in the effort of reaching a negotiated agreement."

What is a lockout?

A lockout from the Danish League would mean that the employers (the clubs) do not allow their employees (the players) to meet at work and also implies that the employees do not get paid. 



Photo: FIFPro board member and Spillerforeningen Director Mads Øland