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The Coconut Club may sound like a funny name, but to the players of Polonia Warzaw Klub Kokosa it is a threat to their career. Unfortunately no player has ever spoken publicly about this phenomenon, even former coaches remain silent. Apparently, they either fear disciplinary sanctions imposed by the club or they have provisions in their termination agreements forbidding them to talk about it.


‘The existence of this socalled Coconut Club is a sad example of bullying and harassment’, declares Theo van Seggelen, secretary general of FIFPro. ‘The owner of this club is playing power games against its players. He puts improper pressure on the players. This is contrary to EU directives on good and fair employment practices.’


'The Coconut Club is a threat by which Polonia wants to make players obey the demands of the club’s directors. Unfortunately it happens quite often in East European countries that players are being put under such pressure by their clubs, with the clubs hoping that the players will yield to their demands.’


‘It is telling that no player has ever spoken about the existence of this Coconut Club, although everybody knows that it actually exists… This is an expression of the power of its president.’


‘FIFPro would like to point out to Józef Wojciechowski and Polonia Warzaw and also to the directors of all other clubs in Poland, Europe and in any other part of the world, that they too have to comply with the directives on good and fair employment practices and that they have to respect the rights of their footballers under contract. FIFPro demands that all clubs refrain from this sort of behavior.’