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Professional footballers at nine clubs in Cameroon have not received their salaries for more than one season.

FIFPro is concerned about deteriorating conditions for players in the Cameroon football league, where 24 of the 33 clubs owe money to players in spite of a government aid program.

“The situation is disastrous,” said Geremi, president of player union Synafoc and former Real Madrid and Chelsea player.

“We received calls from players with serious problems feeding their kids. That is shocking.”

"These unpaid players are also vulnerable for match-fixing approaches."

FIFPro and Synafoc officially asked FIFA and the national football association (Fecafoot) to urge the clubs to immediately settle their debts to players and – if necessary - to sanction clubs that refuse to fulfil their contractual obligations.

Several players are waiting for overdue wages despite winning claims for unpaid wages at the football association’s arbitration committee.

“Together with all stakeholders in Cameroon football and the government we have to find a solution,” Geremi said.

The financial meltdown comes even though clubs in the national league receive government funds to stimulate clubs training local players, with each club getting a fixed monthly amount per player.

“We teach players how to act like a professional and to respect the contract they signed. We expect the same professional behaviour of the clubs.”

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