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On the initiative of Austria’s Players Union VDF, the footballers in the top two professional leagues have raised a total amount of 25 thousand euro for the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.


The VDF had initiated the fundraising campaign. The Bundesliga joined in and promised to double the amount of money raised by the players in Austria’s Tipp3 Bundesliga and ADEG Ersten Liga.


Before the match between SK Austria Kelag Kärnten and SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz there was a ceremony, where the players and the Bundesliga handed over a cheque worth 25 thousand euro.


Afterwards the players decided to organize an annual fundraising campaign. Oliver Glasner, defender of SV Ried, took the initiative and successfully pleaded for an annual charity event. ‘We shouldn’t only become active because of recent incidents. We should rather help on regular basis.’


On the picture: Rudi Novotny (president VDF), Jocelyn Blanchard (captain Austria Kärnten), Hans Rinner (president Bundesliga) and Andreas Hölzl (captain Sturm Graz).