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‘I thought these days were gone, but maybe I’m being naïve.’ Blackpool manager Ian Holloway was sad and furious after his player Jason Euell was racially abused by a fan on Tuesday, when Stoke City beat his team 4-3 in the English League Cup.

Euell was on the substitutes bench when a Stoke supporter started to taunt the 32-year old Jamaican. ‘There was one horrible moment when a racist remark was made to Jason by one supporter’, Holloway recollected. ‘It’s disgusting. We don’t want anything like that. Jason is a footballer – the colour of his skin should not matter.’

Euell reacted immediately and confronted the supporter, Holloway had to restrain his striker. ‘I felt I had to stand up for all colours and creeds and show that we won't accept it’, said Euell. ‘I'm proud that I made a stand. It was a shock to hear what came out of the guy's mouth.’ The three times international got help from stewards, who ejected the man from the stadium and handed him over to the police.

Euell: ‘Racism in football is not dead and buried, but it's still a shock to hear that kind of thing in close proximity. Near the idiot there were people who didn't agree with it, but there were others who turned a blind eye, which was disappointing. We need everyone in it together. The more people who stand up, the more voices, the better chance we have of stamping it out. That’s what it takes.’

Manager Holloway uttered the same words. ‘People around the fellow should have said they were not putting up with what was said. I thought these days were gone, but maybe I’m being naïve.’