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UEFA President Michel Platini, who on Friday 30th August spoke about his serious concerns regarding the current football transfer system. FIFPro acknowledges the concerns of UEFA President Platini.


UEFA President Platini described the current football transfer system as ‘robbery’ and said he would like to see it revamped. ‘I think transfers are robbery’, the former France captain told a media conference in Monaco, according to press agency Reuters.


‘What irks me is, that today, the player is more a product than a footballer with a whole pile of people trying to get commissions. We should think about that and try to find something more healthy.’


‘Players are not free and  they don't even belong the club. Whereas before they did, they now belong to a holding company, a financial company or only one individual.’


‘I don't think it is right. I believe this is important and this is new in the world of football’, he added. ‘We are looking into that, working on it. I agree, maybe this window is too big, too long.’


Last week, FIFPro published its concerns about the current transfer system, especially regarding such serious topics as respect of contract, third-party ownership and  contract stability.


FIFPro and UEFA – together with clubs association ECA and leagues federation EPFL - are currently involved in a working group on transfer matters.