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Clubs in Peru appear to have difficulties with paying their players. The Peruvian football association has once again imposed a penalty on a club for non-payment of its players. This time it is Total Chalaco, the fifth club from the Primera Liga de Perú that was penalized.


Total Chalaco received a 2-point deduction, because the club has failed to pay its former midfielder Percy Manchego in the 2009 season. It was the second time that Total Chalaco was punished for this sort of misbehaviour. The club had already lost two points after Javier Cárdenas had not received his salary.


In the 2010 season, the Peruvian football association has sanctioned five clubs in the 16-team division for not paying their players and/or bad management. Next to Total Chalaco (ranked 12th) three other teams have been deducted 2 points each: José Gálvez (15th), Universitario de Deportes (5th) and Club Sportivo Ciencano (13th). Colegio Nacional de Iquitos (11th) even lost 4 points.