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The 2013 edition of the Day of Legends is associated with Peace and Sport, a non-for-profit organization that works to promote Peace through Sport. Based in Monaco, this institution is placed under the high patronage of S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco and chaired by the French former Pentathlon world champion Joel Bouzou. FIFPro and Djoca pledged to contribute at the Day of Legends, to finance Peace and Sports’ projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Philippe Piat, President of FIFPro Division Europe, explains why FIFPro decided to choose Peace and Sport as partner of the Day of Legends. ‘This is where we touch upon the principles of sport, its universal values. We believe that sport - no matter what type - is a powerful propaganda tool which, in the service of a just cause, can rally support even beyond the edges of the pitch. Who, today for example, in this world that we often thought had shaken off  the horrors of war, does not hope that a sustainable peace will be attained on our earth? We think that sport should deliver a message of peace and help to build a better world by means of dialogue among people and communities. Sport is sharing and understanding. It educates people and it brings them together. Peace and Sport works for this purpose, in the same way as FIFPro, a democratic organisation, one which makes no distinction based on nationality, religion, political conviction, race or gender. Founded in 1965, FIFPro is opposed all forms of racism, xenophobia and violence and will remain opposed to them at all times.’


‘We are open to those who want to change the world for the better.’


‘This partnership, which we are honoured to be a part of, allows us to send a strong message. We can show that footballers, unlike their clichéd public images, are not disconnected from the realities of the world they live in. We can show that, just like when they’re on the field, they know how to show the most fundamental levels of solidarity. It is for this reason that, on the coming 2nd and 3rd of September, ‘our’ golfers will act as the ambassadors of Peace and Sport, just as they act as ambassadors of peace every single day. Football is not a battle. It’s a game, a sport and a school of life. It is one hand reaching out to another, and not a secret weapon to fight one’s fellow human beings.’



Peace and Sport, l’Organisation pour la Paix par le Sport
Throughout their career, champions contribute to society through their performance, representing their country. They see sport as a practical tool that can be used to foster peace. It is with this conviction that more than 70 champions, known as “Champions for Peace” have joined forces with Peace and Sport. Representing this organization, they work daily to support the peace through sport movement by imparting their knowledge and carrying out concrete action on the ground.


Peace and Sport is an international organization founded in 2007 by the Modern Pentathlon World Champion and Olympic Medallist Joël Bouzou and placed under the High Patronage of H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco.


Its goal is to use sport as a tool for sustainable peace.


From Burundi to Colombia, Timor to Haiti, Peace and Sport works on the ground by training educators, sharing its expertise and creating sports programs aimed at tackling problems in the local community. It takes action in areas afflicted by extreme poverty, conflict and a lack of social cohesion.