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Patrick Mbeu arrived in France from Rwanda. He found himself in a strange country without a work permit and, unable to earn an income, he became homeless.

Patrick joined the football team at the homeless organisation Le Collectif La Boussole where his talent was clear and his team spirit was noted. He was soon selected to play for France at the Copenhagen 2007 Homeless World Cup.

Committed to Collectif Remise en Jeu and supporting people on the margins of society, he went on to become the coach for the French national Homeless World Cup team and led them to the Melbourne 2008 and Milan 2009 tournaments.

He is also the secretary of the organisation and a coach with Paris St Germain Football Club, and was a member of the Local Organising Committee for the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup.

Patrick says: “My participation in the Homeless World Cup brought about a profound personal change. It allowed me to regain my self-respect to take important steps in my life and I was also able to regain a high standard of play in my game.”