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The Players Unions in Finland, Norway and Sweden have jointly launched a CV-database for professional footballers, which provides information about the players' assets on the job market for future employers.

"This is an important tool for players preparing for a second career", stated Joachim Walltin, President of the Norwegian Players Union, NISO, speaking after today's launch.

The initiative is modelled after the Danish Job 4 Player initiative. The CV-database will provide athletes to the Unions' partners and co-operating companies. Experience from Job 4 Player in Denmark shows that this is beneficial to all parties. With an entry in the CV-database, players increase their chances of finding a relevant job. At the launch the three participating countries each have between 15 and 25 entries in their CV-databases.

"Although we have only just started, our experience is already very positive", said Walltin. "This tool is important for the preparations for a job after a career in sports, but also very important for the players with years left of their playing careers. By filling out the CV they get awareness of their own standing due to their education and other job-related experience. By focusing on the goal for their next career, they have to start thinking about how to get there".

After the players fill out their CV, a players union representative will go through the document and offer the players advice on how to improve their CV if necessary. Career planning will also be a part of this program.

Walltin: "We have our own career advisor who will work together with the players wanting guidance on how to achieve their goals. The CV will be an important tool for the career advisor".

The CV-database is of great significance for many reasons, explains Magnus Erlingmark, Secretary General of Swedish players union Spelarforeningen (SFS). "To begin with, it is an important way to highlight the athletes' special characteristics that they have developed through their careers and to adapt this into writing a CV. For full-time professionals it will be an important tool when they start preparing for a new career. But to us, the semi-professional players who need a part time job next to their football career are also important users of the database".

Markus Juhola, President of Finnish players union JPY, added: "We had the chance to include our board members, who are all still active players, into the system and we gave them a chance to get to know the CV system. We also invited unemployed players to sign in before the official kick-off".

JPY has approached potential partners for this project, confirms Juhola. "JPY has negotiated with logistics company DHL to join the project as a main partner. It is a great honour that a well-known international company is interested in helping to take care of the players' futures".

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Magnus Erlingmark, Markus Juhola, Joachim Walltin and Rasmus Haagensen (Denmark)