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The professional footballers of FK Radnicki are tired of waiting for their unpaid wages and decided to take action. Therefore, last Sunday they refused to start the match against Sloga Kraljevo.


The players of FK Radnicki (on top of the Serbian Second Division) had not received their salaries for the last four months. Because the club did not react to their request to pay their salaries, the players decided to make a public protest.


When the referee blew his whistle for the kickoff of the match between Sloga Kraljevo and FK Radnicki, the Radnicki players sat down for two minutes. After those two minutes they played the game (and lost, 1-0).


‘Last week, we had a meeting with the players’, explained Nezavisnost (Serbian professional footballers’ association) president Mirko Poledica. ‘We gave them our support and helped them organize this protest. The Radnicki players were also supported by the Sloga Kraljevo players.’