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Professional footballers in Cyprus face enormous difficulties in receiving their wages. Earlier this year, research from the Cypriot footballers’ union (PASP) showed that 77 percent of the players did not receive their salaries on time. In the last three weeks, players from three Cypriot First Division clubs have gone on strike due to non-payment of their salaries.


On April 25th the players of Olympiakos Nicosia were the first to go on strike. They were angered because they had not received their wages for almost four months. The Cypriot players’ union PASP supported the strike action, says union president Spyros Neofytidis. ‘It is unacceptable that most clubs in Cyprus are behind with the payment of salaries. But it is totally unacceptable that there are teams that have not paid any salary in 2012…’


On May 2nd the players of Apollon Limassol commenced their strike action. They had been waiting for four months without receiving their salaries. One day later, the footballers of Nea Salamis Famagusta began their strike action. They had not been paid for three months.


The PASP supports the players from both of these clubs in their protest. Neofytidis: ‘The PASP constantly cries out for measures that must be taken by the federation. But some people just persist in keeping their eyes closed. When are they going to open their eyes?’


Since the players went on strike, the directors of Olympiakos Nicosia have paid their footballers one month of salary arrears and they promised to pay the remaining part within 15 days. The directors of Apollon Limassol and Nea Salamis Famagusta promised to pay their players within the next week.


All players from these three clubs ended their strike action.