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As the football world debates a potential world record deal for Neymar, FIFPro General-Secretary, Theo van Seggelen, says the amounts involved highlight the fundamental failure of authorites to limit the harm caused by a dysfunctional transfer system.

"The fees associated with the (potential) transfer of Neymar are of deep concern to FIFPro, and only serve to highlight how football is failing to protect the best interests of the game.

Football’s enormous wealth is trapped, research proves, within a few leagues and clubs when it should be redistributed more efficiently and fairly.

The amounts involved in the Neymar transfer fee alone could help solve a myriad of issues in the men’s game, including but not limited to the deep-rooted problem of overdue payables whereby 41% of players worldwide are not receiving their contractual entitlements on time or at all.

An inflated and distorted market, with escalating transfer fees at the heart of it, is proving ever more the domain of a tiny fraction of elite clubs and leagues, mostly in Europe.

This, FIFPro claims in its legal complaint to the European Commission lodged in late 2015, has created an anti-competitive environment which can no longer be justified by the transfer rules governed by FIFA.

FIFPro’s legal complaint to the competition unit of the European Commission is designed to help rebalance football, and bring an end to the transfer market madness, for the good of the game, all players, clubs and fans."