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Among its activities in the new year of 2014, the Moroccan professional footballers' union (AMF) has begun a campaign to make all footballers in Morocco aware of the need to fight against match fixing.

In the person of its President, Mustapha El Hadaoui, and a few active members, the AMF made a point of visiting the Moroccan national team the day before it leaves to participate in the 2014 African Nations Championship (CHAN 2014, the tournament for footballers who are playing on the African continent) in South Africa in January, to express his support for them, to encourage them, and also to get them involved in the (Don't Fix It) campaign: they are to act as the spokespersons and messengers of the AMF towards their fellow players in other clubs.

The AMF has included this awareness-raising campaign into its annual programme in order to counter cheating in football, and is visiting footballers to put them on guard against this scourge and warn of its very serious consequences--penalties that go as far as imprisonment for anyone directly or indirectly involved.

During this visit, the local national team players were very pleased and touched by the support and encouragement of the AMF. They declared their firm intention to participate actively in all actions to defend the image of Moroccan football, including this campaign (Don't Fix It)