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The Moroccan professional footballers’ association (AMF) has written to Fassi Fihri, president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), to express its concern about what is happening behind the scenes in some clubs in the top division, the Botola Pro, which are trying to put pressure on the Dispute Resolution Chamber and the national commission for control and management to disregard the laws and players’ rights.


In its letter to the FRMF president, the AMF insists that the following requests must be met:

  1. That the FRMF be obliged to continue applying  FIFA’s regulations in favour of players, in line with its commitments.
  2. That clubs be asked to respect players’ rights and interests, in accordance with FIFA’s regulations and laws.
  3. That the FRMF be asked not to renege on decisions it has made in favour of players.


The AMF emphasized that it thanks all the clubs for their collaboration during its visits to meet the players. The AMF also emphatically confirms its readiness to find amicable solutions for the sake of our professional football.


The AMF pointed out that it understands the difficult financial situation of a few clubs, but they must take their responsibilities seriously and respect the rights and interests of players, as stated in the official regulations of the FRMF and FIFA.