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The story of Dare Vrsic is no isolated occurrence. Other professional footballers have experienced problems which correspond largely to those of this Slovenian international. FIFPro anticipates that the introduction of Minimum Requirements for Standard Player Contracts will banish these problems from professional football in Europe and, eventually, all over the world.


Dare Vrsic has been through a very difficult period because a club refused to comply with the prevailing FIFA regulations and instructions. The Rumanian football federation has also taken no action in this situation.


Dare Vrsic’s former club were seriously at fault on several occasions:

  • the employment contract did not specify the basic salary and bonus arrangements; 
  • the club reduced the salary unilaterally;
  • the club failed to pay the salary for some months; 
  • the club tried to blackmail Dare Vrsic by making him train alone to force him to sign a new contract.


Thanks to the agreement about the introduction of Minimum Requirements for Standard Player Contracts, professional footballers will benefit from more contractual protection against this sort of malpractice. All parties have agreed that everyone must observe these Minimum Requirements when concluding a contract. If this is not the case, compliance can be demanded.


These Minimum Requirements could have spared Vrsic a great deal of misery. They might protect him as he embarks upon a new adventure. “I’m pleased that Dare Vrsic has rediscovered his enjoyment for the game of football. Now, he’s showing us his talent every week. At the moment, I think he might be the best player in the Slovenian league,” says Dejan Stefanovic, president of SPINS, the Slovenian union of professional footballers.