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Milan Jiskra, the captain of the Czech Republic team, received the FIFPro Fair Play Award on Tuesday, September 15. The award was given to him by Thulaganyo Gaoshubelwe, former South African football player, General Secretary of the South African Football Players Union and Board Member of FIFPro Division Africa.

Milan earned this special recognition for his performance on Monday. “Milan’s high spirits and good attitude during his game against Team Indonesia earned him the award,” explained referee Michel van Oudheusen.

“The game was really hard and physically demanding, they were playing under very heavy rain and the players kept slipping on the pitch. But Milan kept helping everyone up and was laughing away and making everyone else laugh. I really hope I get to referee one of their matches again, because it was really fun.”

Gaoshubelwe added, “Of course, winning is important in the game of football, but this football tournament is about more than winning. The Homeless World Cup is all about jointly working towards a greater goal. You illustrated that with your outstanding performance.”

The FIFPro Fair Play award aims to recognise players who better embody the spirit of the Homeless World Cup. Every day of the tournament a new player will be awarded. The final day of the tournament will see this year’s FIFPro Fair Play World 8.

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