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FIFPro welcomes the decision of the European Parliament to call on the Member States to include match-fixing in their criminal law provisions. It is a good first step, says the worldwide union of professional footballers.


Thursday, 14 March, the European Parliament adopted a resolution inciting Member States to include match-fixing in their criminal law provisions, to implement a zero tolerance policy against corruption in sports and to organize a good protection for whistle-blowers.


FIFPro appreciates the steps made by the European Parliament. This action provides national authorities with the possibility to address the peak of the corruption pyramid (commonly composed by criminal networks).


Until today the struggle was in the hands of sports organizations, with their main focus on players. But sports organizations do not have any investigative powers at their disposal, leaving the match-fixing organizers an open field.


FIFPro has reservations about the fact that the European Parliament resolution leaves the decision to include match fixing in criminal law provisions to the Member States. It sounds too noncommittal. FIFPro would prefer to have a resolution obliging each Member State to actually do so.