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The Maltese professional footballers’ association MFPA recently organized a press conference to announce that the players’ union has been officially recognized by the Malta Football Association, and to launch two important initiatives.


The MFPA announced that the Malta Football Association officially recognized the association as representative of the local players and foreign players employed by Maltese clubs. Currently, 250 players are officially registered as a MPFA member. In the FIFPro family, the Maltese players’ association has the ‘observer’ status.


The MFPA has created a medical insurance for its members. The players’ association teamed up with Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (MIB) and Citadel Insurance to create a medical insurance scheme. The MFPA Medical Insurance Cover is tailored to suit the needs of Malta-based football players, both professionals and amateurs.


Said Konrad Sultana, member of the executive committee: ‘The treatment can be done in any clinic or hospital in Malta, and the insurance also enables players to undergo surgery overseas. This was an important step as most players are recommended by specialist doctors to have surgery abroad, for example to undergo anterior cruciate ligament surgery.'


MFPA officials Konrad Sultana, Carlo Mamo and Anthony Galea

with representatives of MIB and Citadel Insurance


The MFPA also celebrated its first Player of the Year Award. It gives the footballers from the Premier League and Division One on Malta the opportunity to vote themselves for the Best Footballer in their country.


Jonathan Caruana, the Malta and Valletta defender, was unveiled as the first winner of the MFPA Player of the Year award. Caruana said that he feels very proud to be the first Player of the Year mainly because he was chosen by his colleagues from the local leagues.


Valletta midfielder William Barbosa and Mosta forward Obinna Obiefule (who started last season with Marsaxlokk) finished second and third respectively.


Jonathan Caruana with MFPA officials Konrad Sultana, Carlo Mamo and Antony Galea