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FC Banik Most 1909 caught the headlines this spring by announcing that it would subject its players to take lie detector tests, as the directors of the Czech club suspected their own players of being involved with match-fixing.

But as the players have "proven" their innocence and even ended their twelve-game losing streak, the club's management has completely failed to fulfill one of its main obligations.


In late April, after suffering nine defeats in a row and with the club on the verge of relegation, Banik Most's directors were convinced that (some of) their players were involved with match-fixing. The club hired a detective to interrogate players. Both FIFPro and the Czech professional footballers association (CAFH) recommended players not to cooperate with in this violation of their rights.

FIFPro also referred to the non-payment of salaries for March and urged Banik Most to pay its players what they are owed.

However, on Monday 11 May, players cooperated with the ridiculous demands of the Banik Most management. Five of them took a lie detector test. These players, according to the club, were most likely to be involved in match-fixing. The other players would be interrogated depending on the outcome of their team-mates' interrogations.

Three days later, club owner Anton Stehlik communicated that all results of the tests were negative, meaning that the club "assumed" that no player was involved in match-fixing or was planning to manipulate matches in the near future.

Apparently this "good news" was no reason for the club to pay their players. They still have not received their March salaries, much less those from April and May. Stehlik even broke his own promise to pay the players if they would win the 17 May match against MFK Frýdek-Místek. Banik did beat Frýdek-Místek 3-2, and they even won the following match at 1. SC Znojmo FK 0-2 on 24 May. However they are still awaiting what they are rightfully owed, their wages.

For that reason, FIFPro wants to remind Mr Stehlik and Banik Most that it is a fact that players are more vulnerable to approaches by match-fixers when their salaries are not paid and are consequently encountering financial difficulties. Therefore FIFPro strongly advises Mr Stehlik and the directors of FC Banik Most to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

CAFH Secretary General Lucie Hlavova maintains that: "With the season finished and Banik Most relegated, most of the players have indicated that they want to leave the club. Some of them have a clause in their contract that enables them to terminate the contract when Banik is relegated. We will assist all players with terminating their contracts and recovering their overdue payables."