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Liberian professional footballer Joseph Broh passed away on Monday. The 19-year old central defender died of a serious illness, according to the management of his club, FC Fassell from Monrovia.

Other reports said Broh had visited multiple hospitals in the past three months and that none of them had been able to identify the disease.   

Broh, also known as JB, had not played for several months due to his illness.

When 16, he was a member of the 2014 FC Fassell team that won the Liberian Cup and the Second Division title.

In January 2015, Broh went to Laos, where he joined local club Champasak together with 24 other players from Liberia. Most of them were not even 18 years old at the time, which made their transfer illegal according to FIFA regulations.

The stay was very unpleasant. Broh was one of many players who contacted FIFPro with a request to help them return home, saying that they were held at the club against their will. Though FIFPro managed to arrange the return home of 16 players, Broh changed his mind and stayed at Champasak, hoping for better times.

One year later, after the situation in Laos had not improved, Broh did return to Liberia. He rejoined FC Fassell in April 2016.