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The French National Union of Professional Football Players (UNFP) is inviting all professional footballers in France to wear multicoloured bootlaces when they play this weekend—Ligue 1 match day 10, and Ligue 2 match day 11—"in order to say yes to diversity".

This campaign, organized jointly by the French Professional Football League (LFP), the French Union of Professional Football Clubs (UCPF), the French Football Foundation, Panamboyz United and the French National Union of Professional Football Players (UNFP), is intended to promote fraternity and respect for differences—respect symbolized by rainbow-coloured bootlaces.

"All the players are going to wear them, because we are proud of our differences, whether we be white, black, Jewish or Muslim" said LFP President Frédéric Thiriez at a press conference in Paris to launch the campaign.

This is the very first time in Europe that the two professional championships are being called upon jointly to express the same message of openness and respect, by wearing these symbolic bootlaces. Short films will also be shown on giant screens in the stadia, with the motto: "Let's be proud of our differences".

"Our idea is not to celebrate Gay Pride in all the stadia in France", Bertrand Lambert, Vice-President of the Panamboyz United club, who originated the project, told the press. "The idea is to send a message of concord, to fight against all kinds of discrimination."